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My Passion Project

Peev'd is an animated series I'm currently developing and creating. It stars "James" a Genetically altered Human spliced with Lion genetics. James, a struggling guitarist in the year 2095, works at a bar in Brooklyn with a bunch of misfit characters where things often go array.

To get the ball rolling on this project, I have produced songs as James and I am working on "his" first music video, "Just A Test". To start building an audience for the show, and to fit this futuristic theme, these music videos will be posted on social media as "transmissions from the future."

"Just A Test" (WIP) Sample

Here's a sample of the video so far. 


I animated and colored this by hand on my iPad Pro with Rough Animator. Then I added some elements and concept visual in after effects.

What A Drag!

Working in Motion graphics for 7 years I felt i needed to brush up on the traditional style of animation. Here's a little test I did on the iPad to practice drag/wave technique and hair movement.

The Throwback

Back in the day before I had an iPad. I broke out the old light board and got down and dusty with pencil and paper for this concept intro to another James original music video. Hopefully this will be his next big hit (sorry no music on this video).

To see more on "Peev'd", follow me on instagram or check out my patreon page.


From Illustration, to Animation, to 3D Graphics, I observe, learn, and create. With a wide variety of experience; I use my knowledge to create story, help clients with branding, and inspire others.

When I'm not creating visually, I'm train Capoeira, making music, and even trying my hand at stand up comedy.



Thank you for your interest in my work and services. For any inquiries, commission requests, please contact me at the email below. Available for on-site work or in-person meeting in Brooklyn and New York City area.

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